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Vintage Western Dress Look: Dramatic Fringe & Leather

Western Inspired vintage white fringe jersey top and matching skirt, a vintage 90s era leather jacket over the top, and a pair of heeled black boots .

I was tidying my shop inventory today and this OOTD took shape. This look is brought to you by the 1980s and 1990s. This vintage Western fringe dress set is from my inventory and was handmade by someone round about the 1980s, presumably for a function of some sort since at the time I found it there was also a red one, and the top half of a turquoise one. The jacket is a sturdy 90s era leather blazer by John Paul Richard (it also happens to be 25% off through the end of January!)

A white jerseu knit t shirt and matching skirt with Western conchos and fringe

A woman standing outside next to a wood building wearing a fringed vintage white dress

A woman wearing a vintage 90s era leather jacket

woman outdoors walking towards the camera wearing a Westernwear look; a white jersey knot fringe dress with a vintage black leather jacket and Western accessories

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Those separates really look like a dress! It's such a fun outfit with the addition of the leather blazer and statement belt :)

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